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The upload process - How it works (General Principle)

In order to make it easier for other users to search for Good Practices we suggest a general structure to follow. As we provide a search function for the Good Practices section which is organised according to keywords from the Glossary and the Criteria, we need you to indicate which keywords describe the CAF application of your organisation best (in English please). Secondly, a very short summary of your Good Practice is needed, where you line out your main results in 5-7 sentences (also for this we invite you to use the English language). Thirdly and lastly a more elaborate summary of your Good Practice has to be provided. We advise you to organise it according to the following steps:

  • General information about your organisation and your CAF application(s), e.g. name of the organisation, Country, times of CAF uses, website, keywords.
  • Shortly describe the main mission and vision of your organisation
  • Indicate the major results your organisation could achieve with the CAF
  • Describe the way to these improved results
  • Explain how the CAF worked in practice in your organisation
  • Give a short conclusion by using the headline "Lessons learned"
  • To give you a better idea, please find the model example here.

    You can submit it in your own language, but in order to reach the majority of CAF users, we also invite you here to use the English language.